5 Essential Tools for Small Businesses


As a small business owner myself and working in the technology field for most of my career, I was motivated to find tools that would help me manage my business and at the same time not break my piggy bank. I’ve been running and managing my business now for almost 3 years and here’s a list of key essential tech tools I feel all small business owners should use.

  1. Email with your domain name

Duh, email, of course. It’s obvious how important to have an email account for your business, but I believe that using free email you get from google or yahoo (and many others) might not always be the best choice for your business. Customers and clients like to know that they are dealing with a professional business and if you main email account comes from gmail...

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Information Security and Social Engineering


“Defense in Depth” is a principle security experts use to describe layers of protection or security controls utilized for different levels of protecting information. The weakest link in an organization’s security is typically people and social engineering is a favored method of attacking these soft targets. In this context, social engineering means manipulating people into divulging confidential information by use of trickery or fraud and the attack is almost never face-to-face. A recent example of this is with the hoax call from two Australian radio DJ’s to one of the nurses caring for the Duchess of Cambridge, which resulted in the nurse’s death. The nurse was tricked into forwarding this hoax call that lead to the release of confidential patient information...

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Can Small Businesses save money in the Cloud

Cloud Computing Hosting

Small companies hear about their larger competitors moving to the cloud, but what does this mean?  Can small businesses afford and benefit from it?  Cloud Computing is an overarching term for different areas of technology services.

Applications at Desktop
Software as a Service (SaaS) is a method small business owners can use to dramatically lower IT spending. The business engages a cloud software provider (DATA2CLOUD) to access applications that would normally be installed on company desktops, like CRM or E-mal. Employees access the applications via a web browser. Rather than paying the high, upfront costs of licensing the applications, server hardware and operating software along with IT support to keep it all working; small businesses pay for subscription on per-use or per-user basis...

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Secure File Sharing provider, Data2Cloud Services, using ownCloud 6


Data2Cloud Services provides a secure file sharing solution for all size businesses by creating an ownCloud 6 server just for your company.  The ownCloud 6 server will be created with all the security required to give you full control of who can access your information.  This file sharing solution is simple to use and simple to learn.  Sharing your information with your employees, customers, or investors will never get any easier.

Main Features:

  • Accessibility:  Files, folders, contacts, photos, calendars, and more will never be easier to share with your own file sharing server.  Access all your information from anywhere using desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.
  • Synchronize:  Keep your information synchronized between all your devices...
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